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Colorado Springs Grooming

If you're looking for a a small, privately owned grooming salon in North Colorado Springs that will pamper and care for your pet beyond your expectations, this is it!
I focus on quality, not quantity. Your pet is not just a number and they are treated with care and compassion.
Taking them out of their comfort zone and placing them in the hands of someone unfamiliar, along with dozens of barking dogs is a stressful experience for pets. It's something you won't find here
Because we are a small salon, you can count personalized attention and devotion to a 'Stress-Free' environment.

As for you, we work with you on your pets haircut and grooming specifics so there is no shock when you return for your pet. We don't overbook so we can work with your appointment days and times to make your life a little more stress free as well. "We NEVER Cage Your pets!"

Lowest Prices Anywhere and Only One Family at a Time!
Please Call for an Appointment Today!     
719.930.0233 or 719.258.9102